South of the Thames – Race 1 – Morden Park


Twenty-one Harriers travelled to Morden Park on Saturday for the South of the Thames 5 mile race.  The course comprised a series of laps looping around the park with a few ups and downs along the way. There was lots of surface water and the mud was of the wet splashy variety.

The rain started just as the gun went off but was thankfully short-lived. As we set off the noise from everyone splashing through the mud, along with a fair amount of whooping and shrieking, was deafening but as soon as we hit dry land everything went quiet. Andy Howey and Alex Jeffries battled it out for first Harrier home with Andy winning through in the end. There were some close battles behind them too with a few seconds separating Mike King and Kieran Fitzpatrick, James Sarre and Simon Howden / Chris Walmsley and Adam Dennis respectively.Meanwhile Mike Russell was hot on the heels of Jillian Holford for most of the race, the latter being quite worried at times! There was also a strong performance from Ana-Marie Green in her SOTT debut.

Andy Howey finished in 34th place and was first M50. The men finished 13th out of 47 teams in the four to score and 6th out of 16 teams in the eight to score.  The women, whilst not so highly placed, managed to form a complete team for the four to score with a total of 7 runners overall and it was good to see so many women turn out for this event.

Jillian Holford

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Full Results

Place Name + Cat Time
34 Andrew Howey M55 29:27
40 Alexander Jeffreys 29:42
85 Mike King M40 31:59
87 Kieran Fitzpatrick 32:02
94 James Sarre M40 32:28
95 Simon Howden M45 32:36
136 Chris Walmsley M45 34:46
138 Adam Dennis M40 34:49
151 Terry Everest 35:27
W44 Jillian Holford W45 36:45
169 Michael Russell M50 36:52
171 Geoff Turner M55 36:53
195 Nick Pierce M65 38:43
W65 Ana-Maria Green W50 39:26
199 Andy Page M55 40:05
202 Andrew Deighton M50 40:37
203 Mark Taylor M65 40:46
W79 Clare Andrew W45 41:36
W80 Lesley Page W45 41:42
W85 Suzannah Kinsella W45 43:05
W93 Claire Hayhurst-Knowles W50 43:54
W101 Carol Tsang W40 45:10