South Downs Way 28


A slightly belated post as ran this last Sunday. What was supposed to be a wet afternoon turned out to be a sunny one, so I dumped my waterproof in the car, although regret not having suncream as I would inevitably arrive at work on Monday with the complexion of a ripe tomato.

A small but eclectic field took to a steep hill start up to the Seven Sisters via the Birling Gap for this self navigate 27.7 mile race. After 4 sisters the path went inward to Cuckmere Haven and then up onto the South Downs again. This was a cheap (6 quid entry!) and no frills run. Only the half way checkpoint had some food. The others just water. That said, you know what you get with events like this and the marshals are friendly and helpful. Just after the halfway point was the long climb up Firle Beacon. I had started conservatively but started to overtake a few runners now and some were seriously flagging. Straight up, then straight down and then straight up Windover Hill and the legs felt really good, just chugging up the hill, trying not to go too anaerobic.

Sometimes you just enjoy a race and feel good all of the way around. Last sunday was one of those days. 3995ft of climb, 4.53 and 5th place for me on the day.

1st Male Alastair Watson 4.12
1st Female Megan Lennox 5.04

Rob Jones