Saxons Marathon Challenge


On Sunday 19th August, Debs and I took part in a Saxons marathon challenge; it was part of the 10 marathons in 10 day series. It took place at the Cyclopark in Gravesend but used land within the cyclopark rather than being round the actual cycle track.

One of my goals for this year is to reach the magic marker of 50 marathons, I realised at the beginning part of this year it could actually be achievable but I did have to find some extra marathons, to ensure that my 50th marathon was just that. So yesterday was my ‘extra’ marathon….. But my late entry really nothing of the sort as I entered 6 days before the event – Debs top trumped me – she entered after she got back from hols on Saturday evening! Very pleasant surprise for me to get a text at 10pm on Saturday evening say “I’ve entered”, now I had company – which is always preferable to plodding round by yourself.

The Race Director planted the idea early on that there was a short extra loop which would get you an ‘ultra’ for only an extra mile…. so it seemed like a good idea, as a result when we could have rung the bell and collected our medal we went out and did another ‘short’ lap, officially our mileage was at 27.2 miles, actual mileage according to both our garmin was at 28 miles.

Amanda Bruneau 05:46:00
Deborah Stamp 05:46:01

Amanda Bruneau