Saxon, Viking & Normans Marathons


SVN put on three races this weekend, with the option of a marathon distance or an ultra at the Gravesend Cyclopark.

A chilly start but beautiful blue sky on a relatively flat course.

5 laps of 5 miles and 6 laps an ultra. Many runners were running all three events! I myself was only supposed to have been running 17 miles as a training run!

Amanda Bruneau
Marathon 71 – 29 miles – 5.41.34

Ana Green
Marathon 61 – 26.2 miles – 4.10.42

Amanda also ran her 70th marathon on Friday which was also an ultra – 29 miles – 5.37.47

[Edit] – Paul Hollis also ran Friday on the SVN 5 mile lap.  Marathon 28  4.30.39

Ana-Maria Green