Run Out Lunch Update 2

Club Events

Hello Fine Harriers
Behind the scenes at this year’s Organising Committee the wheels have been turning ever faster to ensure your enjoyment.
The ‘secret’ of our venue is pretty much intact despite several attempts at espionage. You could say we’re on Threat level ‘substantial’ which is consistent with Cobra.
The penalty, should a mole be unearthed, is ‘burial alive’! …err?
Anyway, where was I?

Yes transport. To quell those nagging doubts about how to get home we are providing a 7-seater chauffeured shuttle to a pertinent railway station. This exclusive service will operate from approximately 5.30 until demand ceases. The charge will be approx £3.50pp.
The current take-up of the two route distances (12 or 7.5m) is roughly half each.
Weather forecast currently a bracing 5deg overcast with only a 10% chance of rain and an ENE cross/tail/headwind (no clue there). So layer up and leggings.
Good luck to all those at Dartford tomorrow.
I’m still fielding last minute questions.
See you Sunday