Run Out Lunch!


Final Instructions

Firstly, the minibus service needs to know numbers, if you don’t book then I can’t guarantee you a place. Please respond as soon as you can by filling out this simple survey


The Lamberhurst 10ish mile start is easy-peasy. Public car park in the High Street (the old A21)

The Goudhurst 7ish miler is down the ‘Duck Pond’ lane to the public car park on the right

Steve Austin and myself will be running the long route and ‘maps’ will be provided on the day, we’ll ensure you stay on route and some flour blobs will be provided at major points to ensure any stragglers don’t get lost!

For those doing the short route, the maps will be distributed by our helpful baggage collector Guy Sankey. There is around a 1.5mile connection to meet up with the long route.

These maps were produced at great expense, so a liquid donation at the appointed hostelry would not go amiss. And/or a lift home!


A number of ‘TOP SECRET’ envelopes are available for those walking from the venue (kindly organised by Paul Roome, let him/me know if interested) and for those meeting family there.

If you need one of these then let me know urgently. Obviously opening the envelope or revealing the location is punishable by death!

Here’s looking forward to another memorable ROL.


ROL Detail

Our annual tradition – the ‘Run Out Lunch’ is fast approaching on the 4th December.

As with every year, we will all meet at one of two pre-arranged locations (long and short routes) and run off-road to a mystery location for a slap-up feast and drinks.

The runs will start around 15 and 25 mins drive from Tunbridge Wells at public car parks (locations to be revealed closer to the event),

there will be very limited parking for the long run so please organise ride-sharing as much as you can.

There are two routes available at 6ish and 10ish miles, or non-runners can meet at the pub via a secret non-disclosure-location-revealing mechanism.

Families are most welcome to come along as with every year.

Based on recent conditions, the route can be very muddy and wet but scenic and a gorgeous run to the .. (oops! too much info).

You may see chickens, lovely old cottages and you may get wet at some point, who knows? You will be propelled to the destination!

Our landing will be at a fine and historic pub serving a number of pre-vetted ales and will have a place to change (may be chilly!), we’ll have our own eating area so it’ll be a great harriers affair.

Dinner will be comfort-food after a long run at only £10 per head (£12 with dessert). 4 options are available with dessert and something for veggies too


Vegetarian lasagne with garlic bread and salad
Beef Chili with rice and nachos
Chicken curry with rice and naan
Lamb shepherd’s pie
Apple crumble with custard
Chocolate brownie
We expect to get sat down for around 2pm.



Of course if you don’t wish to eat you are more than welcome to just join the run, no deposit or sign up is necessary for this, but you will have to find a way back!