Wednesday Run


Alex and I are back from our year in India and as a welcome home gift Carol kindly presented me with the bus last week. You might recognise this one from a year ago, it takes us past all the curry houses in town whilst adorning our Strava feeds with lots of lovely chilli pepper artwork 

Out of the club house and right down Warwick Park
Left at the bottom and through the Pantiles
(The Kirthon)
Right out the end of the Pantiles onto Linden Park
Right onto London Road
All the way up London Road to Mt Ephraim
(Indigo, the Bengal and Manakamana)
Right along Mt Ephraim
Carry onto St John’s
All the way along St Johns
(Juhhaki and Coriander)
Right on Yew Tree road (Just after Running Hub)
The Stalk: Left at the crossroads onto Powdermill Lane then an ‘out-and-back’ to the mini roundabout at the end
Once back to the cross roads turn left onto High Brooms Road
Down High Brooms Road
Straight onto Highfield Road
Straight on to High Brooms Road again
Right on N Farm Road
Over the mini roundabout onto Upper Grosvenor Road
Follow Upper Grosvenor Road to Grosvenor bridge
Left over Grosvenor bridge
Right onto Quarry Road
Straight onto Camden Road
(The Spice, The Royal Spice)
Straight onto Monson Road
Left on Mt Pleasant
Left on Mt Pleasant Ave
Follow it all the way round
Right on Grove Hill Road
(The Raj Pavillion)
Left at the mini roundabout onto High Street
Down to Frant
Left on Frant
Left on Warick Park
Back home
Total = 7.1
Cut off the stalk = 6.5
Attached is the map Casper kindly produced for last years run.
Cathy x