Wednesday Run


06/12/17 – Stollen

RT out club down Warwick
LT into Pantiles
LT Linden Park Rd
RT Linden Gardens to bollards
LT Broadwater Rise to top
RT Broadwater Down
LT St Marks Rd back to the old clubhouse
LT Frant Rd
RT Forest Rd
LT Farncombe, follow onto RT Claremont Rd
Shortcut, LT Grove Hill, LT High Street, LT Warwick park
RT Grove Hill Rd, follow round left to Prospect Rd
LT Calverly, follow through precinct, onto Mount Ephraim Rd
LT up the path, over London Rd onto Mount Ephraim
LT Major Yorks
LT London
RT Warwick Park and home

6.7 miles full
5 miles with shortcut
>7 miles if you want or get lost on the way