Ranscombe Summer Challenge Marathon


Yesterday I headed to Ranscombe (near Gravesend) for another Saxons, Vikings and Normans event – Ranscombe Summer. Having done the Ranscombe Winter in January and experienced the delights of a very hiller, killer course that was best described at sheet mud, I figured lets experience the course in a slightly different way.

It certainly was different, no mud in sight, yesterday was more like an oven, some shade through the wood, steep downhills that you had to pigeon step down for risk of falling, steep uphills that had you pigeon stepping up, but the views and how pretty all the summer flowers were just blew me away – I can only describe it as stunning.

It was six laps of the course to make up the marathon distance, so you were back through base camp every 4 and a bit miles, a welcome relief to take on fresh water, refreshments and encouragement. I don’t usually run these events with my phone, but yesterday was definitely a day to dig the phone out of the kit bag and for my last lap took the time to take pictures of the surroundings – made for a thoroughly enjoyable last 4 miles.

Brilliant event as always put on by SVN, and as I realised when I arrived for registration and was advised with delight that this was my first event ‘officially’ under my married name, it gave it a special meaning for me.

Not sure official times up yet, but 06:02:16 was recorded by garmin, not speedy I know, but I loved every minute of yesterday, and there is a lot to be said for running for pleasure, because you can and enjoying every moment.

Amanda Bruneau (nee Paver)