Race Report: Yaberoo Trail Series


Whilst out visiting my daughter in Western Australia, I competed in the Yaberoo Trail Ultra. Billed as a 50km race, it turned out to be nearer 54km – run along the Yaberoo Budjara trail;  a wonderful strip of beautiful bush land in the heart of suburbia in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Yaberoo Budjara translates ‘Land of the peoples North of Perth’. It really felt such a privilege to be immersed in the beautiful coastal bush land which made up this trail race.

The event took place on Saturday 22nd July and consisted of five events – 50km, 25km, 15km, 10km and 5km. The Series was a twilight event (dusk around 5:30pm), so everyone competing in the 15km and above had to carry a head torch together with a mobile phone, survival blanket and buff. Speaking with the race director, prior to the start, weather conditions in previous years were stormy with temperatures around 12 degrees. Bear in mind it’s winter in Perth. Saturday, however, was warm and sunny with temperatures in the low 20s. The 50km race started first at midday.

The trail was hilly and the ground compacted, rocky and sandy. It certainly felt warm, although a lot of the course was shaded; courtesy of the gum trees. It was just amazing running past flowering banksias and other vegetation whose names I’m unfamiliar with. The race consisted of two laps – one 32 km and the other 22km.

I was thoroughly enjoying the run until, with 8km to go, my left calf started cramping. At one stage I thought I wouldn’t even be able to walk to the finish it was so bad. Probably due to dehydration, although I felt I was drinking quite a lot and I consumed a lot of salt tablets. Anyway I managed to persevere and was determined it wouldn’t detract from my race. Winning time was 3:56:34 – well before dusk!  I also had no need of my head torch finishing 11th overall, and third woman (podium place 😀) in 5:13:33.

My son, Matthew, easily won the 15km race in 1:03:33 (given his race was 17km an impressive time particularly given the terrain). So we both won boomerang trophies 😃. My daughter was also there, having driven us to the race, supporting. All in all a fabulous day.