Race Report: Worthing Half Marathon


Our first ever half marathon

My daughter and fellow TW Harriers member, Eleanor, suggested we try to run a half-marathon. It was going to be our first ever half-marathon race. We chose the Worthing half-marathon because it is very, very flat and it is at a time of year when the temperature (and hopefully the weather) should be ideal.

A huge thank you to everyone at Harriers, particularly all those who give up considerable time to organise runs for us and of course, the coaches. We got lots of really helpful advice and found that the mixture of Monday track sessions, Wednesday runs, Saturday parkuns and then steadily increasing Sunday long runs really helped us to increase how far we could run. I found running 10 miles okay but going further was always really hard. If you are new to Harriers or planning on going in for your first half marathon, I would encourage you to keep going on the longer distances – eventually your body adjusts : )

When it came to the day itself (Sun 28th April), it was raining extremely hard but miraculously it stopped just as we entered the starting pens. There were lots of pace runners and the crowd were very encouraging. The course is mostly along the seafront and the last few miles consist of a straight run from Ferring / Goring back towards Worthing Pier with the prevailing wind behind you : )) . This was a great help and we were both very surprised to find we had both run faster than we had anticipated. I finished in 1:47:53 and Eleanor’s time was 2:12:56. The male winner was James Baker (1:11:20) and the female winner was Georgie Bruinvels (1:17:57) and the comedian, Joe Wilkinson, who we saw on the day, did it in 1:57:21

Hugh Hennebry