Race Report: Wendover Woods 50 miler


After my foray into cross-country at Somerhill, I reverted to type and competed in the Wendover Woods 50 miler on Saturday 12th November. The WW50 consists of 5×10 mile loops on forest trails run entirely within the woods.

The race is put on by Centurion Running. In their course description, they state: ‘Runners will work hard for a finish at this race.’ Goodness, they weren’t exaggerating – some of the ascents were just brutal: my quads today are pretty painful ! 😖

Having said that, it was a stunning course and doing five laps was actually alright. It all looked different in the dark anyway!

The winning time was 8:05:44 which, given the terrain, I just think is incredible. It was certainly the slowest 50-miler I’ve done. I finished 89 (out of 198) in 12:15:04. It was a long, mostly enjoyable day.