Race Report: Run, Walk, Crawl


Learning to fly, part 2.

Second attempt at a 50mile distance last Saturday at the Run Walk Crawl, Pembrokeshire coast ultra. 

Super spikey (roughly 3000m of vert). Coastal path comprising of narrow, overgrown dirt singletrack, rough climbs and descents plus plenty of steps. Goes without saying; the scenery was stunning. 
So here’s how it went:
Mile 1, started off super chilled.
Mile 2, made a friend. I chose well, she was a highly experienced ultra runner, mountain rescue and more recently kickboxer!
Mile 3-40 chatted away with new friend whilst consuming about 7 litres of Ribena, Frazzles, and PBJs. Slowly working up the field overtaking knackered guys.
Mile 40-50, caught by a fella named Nathan who then became part of our happy triumvirate. (Poor bloke looked wasted so we said “we’ll all stick together to the end”.)
Finish. Crossed the line still feeling in good condition albeit very tired and sweaty. Nathan bless him, held back a little leaving Becca Jones and me to take equal third/first female. 
This is how I wanted Ultra to be. Cruising along beautiful trails, happy as could be, sharing stories and the adventure with new friends. 
11hrs ish. 1st and 2nd were quite a lot faster. Doesn’t seem important somehow. 
Stayed up into the evening to welcome home my campsite neighbour. It was his first ultra. I believe his tent mate Ross had to rush emergency lube to him at around midway . So Ross and I waited together as the sun set, talking quietly until across the tarmac of Dale aerodrome a figure emerged after almost 14hrs on course. More sweaty hugs ensued. 
So that was my weekend. I improved my running skills no end, but way better, shared an awesome experience with some truly wonderful people. 
Ed Fraser