Race Report: Killarney, Ireland, HM

Killarney half marathon, Ireland, 8 June 2024
Runners World was spot on when it dubbed Run Killarney as one of the most beautiful half marathons in Europe. 
This very undulating road race, which takes place in the south west of Ireland, goes through Killarney’s lush National Park and its stunning lakes. 
There were around 2000 runners for the half and 1000 for the 10K, most of them from Irish clubs. One group had travelled 300 miles by coach from Derry in the north. 
The weather was perfect: a cool 14 degrees with the sun coming out as we were finishing. 
Although Killarney is a lively town, the race itself was peaceful and quiet which I loved. But if you like to be cheered along the way, this is not the race for you. 
I did laugh at the very sulky teenage Marshalls. It was obvious they had been forcibly recruited from the local school and would have preferred to spend their Saturday early morning in bed. Not a single cheer from them! 
I didn’t spot any other harriers. I did my bit in 1:56:32. 
The winners were: 
Maurice Feehan, Duhallow A.C.: 1:17:16
Jennifer Martin, Tafetta A.C.: 1:24:58
Maria D Gandara