Race Report: Hildenborough 5 Mile & 2.5 mile


Hi All

Bank Holiday Monday , torrential rain, who was thinking stick on a onesie and put on Gone with Wind or 007 Goldfinger (movies for anyone under 50 years).

Not 53 brave TW Harriers. What a turn out , well done all πŸ‘

5 miles not an often run distance and not much history in this particular race.

So normal strategy , try and keep up with the runner in-front and don’t let anyone over take you .

General consensus was run at 5k pace , but raceday Adrenalin made it more like 1k pace for the first mile πŸ™„

Mile 2-3 , with the main elevation gain, seemed to last an age and felt like the crucial phase. Hang on here and it felt like it would be downhill to home.

Today felt like a real race whatever pace you were running at , no chance to ease off , could you hold the hills and close on the flat .

Personally I didnt have enegry to close the gap but I wasnt going to let anyone passed and as we turned into the finishing straight the sight of the finishing line was more than welcome even with 50m if bog to run through.

Overall loved the race , as diid most i spoke to , undulating but nothing too steep, a good distance and great support and marshalling.

F Winner Nicola Evans TAC 31.02
M Winner George Marshall TAC 26.12

Age graded
F VET 50 Ali Farrall
F VET 55 Tara Taylor
M VET 55 Me

Hannah Roberts 4th Lady

4 men sub 30 mins

(Hope i got everyone , please let me know of not)

It’s not all about the top end , there were some amazing efforts through out the group , including some coming back strong from injury πŸ’ͺ