Race Report: Folkestone 10

Folkestone 10 mile 
I managed the don’t fall over, tie shoelaces properly (even without Amanda’s help) and remembered my watch, but made the schoolgirl error of being 7th Harrier home. On the 7th. I thought I might use the excuse of having broken my writing arm, but having just run 10 miles thought it might not be enough. 
A very sunny Good Friday in Hythe and we were soon running round the long grass (I didn’t enjoy that very much). This was my first race back after smashing my arm into several pieces, so after impressing fellow Harriers with my shark bite scar I started off with some trepidation and my physio’s advice in my ear – run on a treadmill, run on the spot at home, then realising I wasn’t going to do either of those.. don’t fall over or if I do, fall on to my left side. 
The weather was perfect and the course was improved (I think) by not having to go through the park. On the turn back Dillon came zooming towards us in 3rd, his finishing position. He looked super fast. He was followed by Dave Weston, going under an hour again following Brighton marathon at the weekend. Next Harrier was Keith Mitchell, with a fantastic time agonisingly just over the hour mark, but should be rounded down in my humble opinion, completing the winning mens team. Well done! 
Alex, Geoff (on his marathon legs and second v60) and Saul all then pushed me in to 7th. Grrr. 
There were some other super performances and lots of happy and relieved faces at the end to eat either the crème egg , or the much nicer and more inclusive vegan Anzac biscuits provided by Geoff. Turns out there were about a million pbs… so well done to :
Dillon, Dave, Keith, Alex, Rob , Duncan and Joy for their pbs, to Colin for his age group best (thought it was a pb?!) and particularly to Lucille for her new record. If you didn’t get a pb today then you were still fabulous. 
Please see Bob’s email for full results. Thanks Bob. 
Shout outs to Andrew for pacing without a watch, to Rob for giving him a time check, to Bob and Ed for the fab support and to Dillon  for taking some photos of me where I dont look too wonky. 
Staying for the presentations meant finding out that alongside Dillon’s 3rd and the team win I also managed to win the fv50. Hooray!
Massive queues at the chippy did not deter anyone and we had greasy fingers all the way home. 
Back to me again- a big thank you for all your kindness in what has been a difficult and painful few months- whether it’s been lifts, walking  company, lending me stuff, calls, messages, food, putting my hair up for me or just generally looking out for me. You’re a lovely bunch. 
I particularly enjoyed it today, hope you all did too. 
Roll on London!