Race Report BOGOF (Hospice Races + WM Mile)


Hi all,
I’ve discovered my style of race report is to write them late but fill them with premium content, so as an extra treat we have a double whammy; the Hospice runs and Westminster Mile (Vitality 10K race report sold separately, by a different author, coming in the near future)!

The Hospice Runs
Last Sunday, Amelie Jones and I gently strolled to Lower Common Park whereby we bumped into Ed Steele and a fine contingent of deckchairs (seen below). Most ended up doing the traditional 10k, with some brave souls facing the inaugural, hilly, half marathon option.

Following a delayed start to test our patience, we set off in fairly good weather conditions. In spite of the inclines, it was a great day with some splendid performances, including (but not limited to):

– Alex Jeffrey’s second place overall in the 10k,
– Cathy defending her position of first lady for a second consecutive year in the 10k,
– Amelie Jones treating herself to the position of second lady (and a 10k pb to boot),
– Greg Falconer and Nathan Webster’s 5th and 12th place half marathon positions

I happened to clock a sub-45m 10k too, but full details of that will be recorded in my memoirs which we’ll have to wait some decades for. I will say the cider greeting me at home post-run was particularly good though in the meantime.

The Westminster Mile
This Saturday, I took an hour train journey to Green Park to run a mile, assuming I would be the only harrier there. It was chilly enough initially to justify a hoodie, transforming into a pleasantly warm day post-run. Following a small warm up jog I see some familiar colours and find Michael Russell and Sam Dranga waiting for me (it transpires Sam and I have very similar race tastes, we always seem to do the same ones).

Sam and Michael started in the first of the adult waves, and I followed a few minutes later in the second wave. It was great running down The Mall and finishing outside of Buckingham Palace, though it felt slightly funny doing a road race on such a wide road with very few people around you. You’d think that it would be the easiest medal ever earnt, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it when going flat out!

I got the sub 6m that I wanted (albeit by a single second), with Sam and Michael pulling in 10:37 and 6:46 respectively. Though we didn’t know it at the time, Andrew and Margaret Deighton also ran in a family wave bringing in 6:35 and 8:43. I look forward to giving the 10k a crack next year.

Enjoy a couple of photos 🙂

Elliot x