Race Report: Bewl 10K/ Half Marathon/Marathon/Ultra 50K


Today Bewl hosted runs of four different distances 10K/ Half Marathon/ Marathon/ Ultra 50K.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day but very hot at 8 o’clock so I knew we were in for a hot afternoon.
3 TWH’s attended the event. Peter Griffifths ran the 10K and Tara Taylor & I ran the Ultra.

I haven’t raced this distance since 2021 so was definitely up for the challenge as I am running Race to the Stones 100k in July.
I really enjoyed the race but the last few miles were soo hot I felt sick & dizzy so decided to walk/ run to get to the finish.
Unfortunately I took a wrong turn near the end & ran an extra 1:6 miles. Gary O’Reily will be really surprised as this because he knows what a good sense of direction I have. Amazingly I still got a PB & was thrilled with that!

The aid stations were a bit disappointing as they only had a few crisps, pretzels and jelly babies.
Drinks were blackcurrant, orange juice & water.
A banana or some nuts would have been great & some Coca Cola.

Overall I absolutely love running round Bewl and often run a loop for a training run.
This year they changed the Ultra route. Instead of 3 laps it was 2X12.5 mile loops then an out & back 6:25 loop to finish.
I found this option less daunting then 3 loops.

First male : Lachlan Arthur 4:16 Senior Male
Oxford University Athlectics Club

First Female: Amelia Voice 4:52:13
No club listed.

Tunbridge Wells Harriers
Tara Taylor: 5:03:34
3rd female. 1st in age category
Rose Sawyer: 6:41:01 3rd in age category

10K Peter Griffiths: 1:00:38 Senior male.

Rose Sawyer