Race Report – Bewl 10


Hi all- hoping you are fairly well – here follows a report – 

The morning dawned brightly and was lightly clouded, as I reached the lake the sun shone brightly and reflected the gentle ripples across its surface.
It was nice and cold this morning and I was feeling fresh after 3 weeks of self enforced non-running due to the shin splints that have been hampering me over the last year. Today’s event was the Bewl 10k and out of multiple distances an elite field had gathered for an out and back run along the banks of the reservoir.
I started gently and then immediately swore as a Maidstone Harriers runner zoomed off at great pace, as we had started on the lower road at the large dam there was quite a slope back up to the level of the main circular route. Once we were into the trees travelling clockwise I settled and fairly shortly I moved from fourth into third after a brief chat. 
The terrain is gently undulating but the paths were firm and my road shoes were fine as I thought they would be, I was travelling well and also reserving plenty for the return half for most of the first. At half way I was surprised to see how close behind me the next pursuers were, which reminded me to keep working as I started on the way back. As I have recently been walking here I had a good idea of the remaining distances and my morale was lifted as I recognised the last stretch before the great dam. I had not managed to sight anyone ahead or behind me since early in the race so I was confident of maintaining third as I reached the dam.
Disaster almost struck as Hermes Running had not provided a marshal or even a signpost for the final turn back to the finish which was after crossing the entire length of the dam. As a result I ran several hundred yards and up two flights of steps further than needed but still managed to finish Third overall and 1st M40 in a time of 44:36.
The winner was Lee Sander-King in 38:04. 
My trophy is a laser etched coaster – Brilliant !
Terry Everest