Penshurst 5 Report


If anyone has not done this race before, I strongly suggest you get it into your calendar for 2020. As many of you know I can’t run up hills and only make guest appearances at cross country events. However for some reason this is one of my favourite events; low key, very scenic and cake at the finish (close second to Eridge on the cakes front).

Luckily I was on babysitting duty at the XC on Saturday, this meant that I had a significant advantage over other Harriers and was relatively fresh, I wouldn’t normally be first Harrier in an XC!

The course has a short section on the road before taking in several footpaths, fields and an evil hill through a wood. You then have a very steep downhill with a Harriers dodgy photo competition half way down; winner and showing his support of Januhairy (yes this is a thing) goes to Mick Barstow (photos on the website). The course then takes in a lap around Penshurst place before a quick downhill sprint to the finish.

A total of 30 Harriers finished (results below) well done to all! Cathy and I both narrowly missed out on a podium and occupied the 4th place. It looks like Andy, Steve and Stella all won their age groups so congratulations there. I’m not sure how Bob scores cross country PBs, but i’m sure there were many course bests out there. 

Special congratulations to all those who did the XC the day before, I certainly would not be capable of running quickly if I had!

Mike King


221 finishers

4th 445 Mike King M 4th SEN 2nd 00:30:19
5th 435 Andrew Howey M 5th V50 1st 00:30:22
11th 411 Kieran Fitzpatrick M 11th SEN 6th 00:31:34
13th 506 James Sarre M 13th V40 2nd 00:32:33
15th 403 Andy Eames M 14th SEN 8th 00:32:40
22nd 337 ADAM Dennis M 20th SEN 12th 00:34:02
23rd 656 Robert Winter M 21st V40 5th 00:34:08
26th 6430 Matt Clark M 24th V40 7th 00:34:23
28th 434 Simon Howden M 26th V40 9th 00:34:32
30th 195 Mick Barstow M 27th V50 3rd 00:34:40
39th 421 Cathy Gill F 4th SEN 4th 00:35:44
41st 192 Tev Austin M 37th V60 1st 00:35:47
48th 495 Richard Quartermaine M 43rd V40 12th 00:36:21
64th 515 Hugh Stephenson M 57th SEN 26th 00:37:47
72nd 336 Andrew Deighton M 63rd V50 12th 00:38:35
74th 516 Gem Stilliard F 10th V40 2nd 00:38:40
88th 404 Luke Edwardes-evans M 75th V50 14th 00:40:15
98th 490 Nick Pierce M 83rd V60 2nd 00:40:47
111st 402 Paul Eames M 92nd V60 4th 00:41:55
122nd 186 Clare Andrew F 21st V40 5th 00:42:43
126th 497 Stella Richardson F 23rd V60 1st 00:43:03
127th 496 Peter Richardson M 104th V60 5th 00:43:04
152nd 531 Carol Tsang F 35th V40 10th 00:45:04
159th 481 Gary Oreilly M 120th V50 24th 00:45:16
160th 459 Philip Long M 121st V60 7th 00:45:24
163rd 638 Jonathan Rickards M 123rd V60 9th 00:45:53
170th 329 Mark Crowhurst M 126th V50 25th 00:46:42
171st 457 Susan Liu Jones F 45th V40 15th 00:46:58
173rd 502 Jane Roome F 47th V40 16th 00:47:08
177th 442 Lucille Joannes F 50th V60 2nd 00:47:40