Parkrun Alphabet


Since the beginning of the phenomenon known as Parkrun, it has been the quest of many to take part in an event beginning with each letter of the alphabet. It is, currently, an impossible task as there is no Parkrun on the planet that has an official title beginning with the letter “X”. It must be accepted, therefore, that 25 starting letters makes up the Parkrun Alphabet. This weekend Michael Youlton completed his 250th Parkrun and celebrated by running his “Z” Parkrun in Zuiderpark in the Netherlands completing his Parkrun alphabet.

It’s a long way to go to achieve a dream – but well worth it.

There have been many other Parkrun Milestones – such as All Parkruns within the M25 corridor, to compensate for those who want another challenge.

If you are taking part in one of these or setting one up yourself, let me know. Michael’s alphabet is attached.

Bob L

Parkrun Alphabet – Michael Youlton