Paddock Wood Half Marathon 2015


Waking up to rain and wind didn’t fill me with expectations of many Personal Best Performances being attained at this morning’s running of the Paddock Wood Half Marathon. Of the forty nine entries from the Club, illness and injury claimed fifteen of our number so our thirty four entries set off thankful that, at least, that the rain had stopped, although it was still windy and quite chilly. The eventual winner, Toby Lambert from Winchester, set off at a pace that nobody could match and by two and a half miles held a lead of almost a minute. The rest of the field never saw him again. The leading Harrier was John Law, finishing in 1:15:19, followed by Simon Phillips (1:23:24) in an excellent 3rd M50 position. Harriers came in at regular intervals, with Jillian Holford leading our ladies home in a new Personal Best of 1:38:56. Almost half of our contingent setting new Personal Best or Age Group figures. Those using Paddock Wood as part of their London or Brighton Marathon training must all be satisfied with their morning’s work.

Bob L

Name Category Chip Time Achievement
John Law SM 1:15:19
Simon Phillips M50 1:23:24
Mark Carroll SM 1:25:08 Personal Best
Matt Clements M40 1:25:11 Personal Best
Mike King SM 1:27:05 Personal Best
Simon Howden M40 1:28:13 Personal Best
Mick Barstow M50 1:29:45
Mike Tull M50 1:30:53 Age Grp Best
Tom Woolley SM 1:31:18 1st Half Mar’thn
Saul Harris M40 1:34:52 Personal Best
Matt Newman SM 1:35:47 Personal Best
Andrew Marshall M40 1:35:48 Personal Best
Andy Joad M50 1:37:14
Colin Ricketts M50 1:38:21 Age Grp Best
Jillian Holford F40 1:38:56 Personal Best
Kieran Fitzpatrick SM 1:41:20
George Harris M40 1:41:21 Age Grp Best
Tony Waller M50 1:43:54 Personal Best
Madeleine Doherty F50 1:46:11
Andrew Boorman M45 1:46:33
Ricky Fraser SM 1:47:30 1st Half Mar’thn
Mike Sharp M55 1:47:34
Sam Taylor SM 1:47:54 Personal Best
Ian Nunns M45 1:49:33 Personal Best
Guy Whitehead M50 1:57:50
Richard Martin M60 1:59:55
Ana-Maria Green F45 2:01:48
Nicky White F45 2:01:53
Rosie Harris F40 2:04:22 Personal Best
Catherine Kinder F40 2:08:24 Personal Best
Sarah Barker F45 2:13:01
Ruth Burton F40 2:13:30 1st Half Mar’thn
Chloe Williams SL 2:17:43 Personal Best
Graham Brooks M80 3:05:44