North Downs Way 50


Another hot day forecast and another long race was scheduled.

Having completed the South Downs Way of the same distance at the beginning of April, this weekend was the 2nd race in the Centurion Grand Slam series along the North Downs starting in Farnham and following the path finishing at Knockholt Pound. Passing over the Hogs back through the outskirts of Guilford taking on the hills of Box Hill, Reigate Hill and Botley Hill i.e lots of steps!

The route was stunning, shaded and conditions perfect for forrest trail and I enjoyed every minute until the last 4 miles when the paths opened out onto farmers fields with hard rutted tracks which were a killer on my ankles and my feet were burning, however a very steady plod brought me in to the finish well under the cut off time in 160th – 11 hours 29 min.

Total numbers of finishers: 234
DNF – 17

1st male – Stuart Leaned – 6hrs 46 min !!!!
1st Female – Sarah Sawyer – 8hrs 44 min !!!

Recovering in the Sunshine with an Aperol and a Barbecue 😎

Lesley Page