New York Marathon 2014


Harriers take on World Marathon State Side

The Harriers have been busy again, with this third marathon report in as many week, who would believe it. And, further still, another International Marathon, and one of the World series!

‎Six Harriers crossed the pond to each take on their first NYC Marathon. Katie Trowsdale and Husband Paul had been here before back in 2012 , but Hurricane Sandy put a stop to that, so it was fingers crossed this time. James Absolon and Craig Chapman were running their second marathon in two weeks, so would the legs hold out? And the two Pauls (Murrells and Newman) were going for PBs.

We were all mad, where else would you get up at 4am to start making your way to a race start, only in New York! And only in New York can you have such diverse weather, at the beginning of the week it was 22 degrees (Shorts and T-shirts)and on race day it was 4 degrees, but with the wind chill it felt more like minus 4!

You couldn’t miss the wind as you waited on Staten Island for 3+ hours to start, and you could see those that have done this before wrapped in blankets, sleeping bags and cardboard boxes, thank goodness we brought the throw away clothes with us, and thank you Dunkin Doughnuts for the refreshments and fashionable head gear!

Throughout the race the wind was fierce and in your face for most of the way, plus it nearly took your legs out‎. For a TWH the hills (bridges) weren’t too bad, what goes up usually comes down.

If I was to compare New York with London I would say do NYC for the experience, but London is better organised and more supported‎!

‎But despite the conditions ‎(elite runners approx 5/6mins slower) the Harriers did well and “Got Their New York On!”, individual times below. Now it’s time to put the feet up for a while, before training starts for the next one!

I would also like to thank James Smith (TWH) at mile 17 for his surprise support, much appreciated! – did you take any photos?

Finishing Times
Craig Chapman – 3:01:40
James Absolon – 3:12:12
Katie Trowsdale – 3:28:‎32
Paul Trowsdale -‎ 3:29:56
Paul Murrells – ‎3:48:12 (PB)
Paul Newman -‎ 4:16:33