Nevill Club Update


The good news is that the Nevill Pavilion bar will be open for us tomorrow evening following the 1st Club Handicap. Unfortunately, the showers have not been recommissioned and are out of use this week for both men and women. You may however use the changing rooms and toilets pre and post run. We will have to take it as we find it upstairs as work continues to complete the kitchen area and the cricket club are still working on restocking all our favourite beverages (Beer wise believe they will have Harvey’s and bottled lagers) We did check in with the tennis club but they are not able to accommodate us this week, so it is what is I am afraid.


For those not familiar with handicap evenings, David French (Club Handicapper) will be on hand outside the doors to the Pavilion from around 7pm should you need to check your start time or where to go before heading up to the start on Forest Road.


Don’t forget your barcode and hopefully see lots you post run (a bit smelly) back in the Nevill with the doors open!



TWH Nevill Club Rep