Mid Kent 5 Miler – Race Report

Good Morning All,
So the normal rule for race reports is the race is on the 16th of the month it is the 16th Harrier. However if there isn’t one or they are unavailable (Jillian is away on holiday now), it goes to the month, so 7th month then 7th Harrier – so that’ll be me then.
The Mid Kent 5 miler lived up to its billing as a fast flat course and there were some outstanding performances! Conditions were good for the 9am start, sunny but not too warm and a nice breeze. The race is pretty much out and back with a loop around some quiet country lanes and only one small hill to speak of. The race was well marshalled with pockets of support on the course and the welcome encouragement from Bob, John, Peter and Alan. And the welcome addition of instant race results which (apart from not showing Liam had finished) worked well.
Both the Mens and Ladies Teams are leading the Kent Grand Prix, however after a low turnout at Sackett both leads have been cut considerable so we needed a good showing here. A very strong contingent of 37 Harriers turned out for this race (more than I can remember for many races) which certainly helped. As did the excellent performances with both the the Men and Ladies winning the team prizes.
In the Men’s race it was a close fought affair with Stephen Strange of Tonbridge AC coming home just a second ahead of Alex Reid who broke our club SM record in the process, lowering the mark set only a week ago but third placed Liam White. The Ladies race was won by Harriette Woolley of Tonbridge AC in 30:28, however Amelie was first SL and Ali first F50.
As well as Alex’s club record, new club records were also set by Ali Farrell F50 and Stella Richardson F65 – congratulations to all three and to everyone else who set personal or age best times. 
Overall this we a superb showing for the club and will help both teams considerably in the KGP so congratulations and thanks to all! Onwards to the next event at the Larkfield 10k on 17th September!
Full results and post-race photo below:
Alex Reid SM 25:08   2 450 2nd Place/New Club SM Record
Liam White SM 25:47   3 450 3rd Place overall
David Weston SM 27:54   8 450  
Will Levett M45 28:06   10 450  
Alex Holmes M45 30:00   17 450  
Chris Stringer SM 30:06   19 450  
Matt Newman M40 32:04   37 450 Personal Best
Amelie Karlsson SL 32:09   39 450 1st F18-34
Mike King M40 32:32   43 450 Age Group Best
Mark Godsalve M50 32:42   46 450  
Colin Timmins M55 33:22   55 450 Personal Best
Ali Farrall F50 33:32   56 450 New Club F50 Record / 1st F50
Simon Holford M50 33:53   60 450  
Elliot Chiles SM 34:08   62 450  
Jack Summers SM 34:12   64 450  
Robin Barwick M50 34:18   69 450  
Jillian Holford F50 34:24   68 450 Personal Best
Harry Doyle M50 35:00   83 450  
Clifford Gray M55 36:12   102 450  
George Harris M45 37:08   118 450  
Andrew Deigton M55 37:46   126 450  
Julie McPherson F45 38:16   138 450  
Duncan Ralph M55 38:13   144 450  
Rose Sawyer F50 38:29   147 450 Personal Best
Nicola Morris F50 38:39   150 450  
Michael Sharp M65 38:55   153 450  
Terry Everest M40 38:51   154 450  
Alistair Reid M45 40:13   173 450  
Michael Russell M55 41:10   188 450  
Gary O’Reilly M60 41:33   196 450  
Mark Taylor M70 41:44   199 450  
Joan Woodward F45 43:34   238 450  
Ana-Maria Green F55 44:15   255 450  
Stella Richardson F65 45:32   267 450 New Club F65 Record
Joy Croucher F60 47:48   304 450  
Janet Bird F60 52:18   355 450 Personal Best
Smaranda Dranga F50 1:01:18   425 450