Marathon du Medoc

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This year’s tour is the ‘premier cru’ of marathons in the Medoc region of Bordeax.

We will be going from 6th to 9th September, if you think you can go you must enter on the day entries are released or you’ll miss out.

Entries will open any time starting the morning of 1st March

The moment they are released, I’ll endeavour to update email/facebook

You’ll need a medical certificate but this can be submitted after entering, details are on the registration page

Registration Details


Need some encouragement? How about the report from 2016?

Medoc Report 2016


Some Details so you know wot 2 expect

Most of you will want the “Startnumber: 88€” package, as the rest of the options add a fair bit to costs.

If you want to fly down, you’ll need to hire a car as transport to and from the venue is quite limited (it’s very remote)

My recommendation would be to drive down via a ferry trip to Caen, its a long way but with the right people in the car the time will fly by – I also recommend getting someone else on your license to share driving duties if possible. Hopefully brexit wont make this too complicated.

You can park all day (and overnight if you want to camp) all over the town or in a local supermarket, the locals are very understanding!

The whole event is about drinking, dancing and merriment, with a marathon distance thrown in. Expect a 6.5 hour marathon to enjoy everything. You don’t have to participate at every drinking station of course, some silly people even run it like a marathon.

Fancy dress is MANDATORY, the theme this year is superheroes. Although bear in mind that it will be HOT when selecting a costume, expect 25-30 degrees on the day


Because I never publicly released the photos

How about a photo of me enjoying myself?

Or of the beautiful chateuax you get to visit?

Hope you can come along!
Ed Steele