Lucille Joannes – 6m/7m/8m – St James, Culverden Down

Club Events

Right out of Nevill Gate
Down Warwick Park
Right into Rodmell Road
Into Madeira Park
Bear left into Mt Sion
Down Mt Sion to High Street
Up High Street
Up Mt Pleasant
Right at Crescent Road
Over roundabout to Calverley Park Gdns
Left down Carlton Road
Straight over into St James’ Rd
Follow as far as Grosvenor Bridge
Turn left up Quarry Rd
Becomes Camden Rd
Right into Calverley Rd
Right up Grosvenor Road
Along St John’s Rd
Left down Culverden Down
Left into Culverden Park
Right into Connaught Way
Straight across into Earls Rd
At end, left up Molyneux Pk Rd
At top of Molyneux**
Left along Mt Ephraim to pelican crossing
Cross and left down Inner London Rd
Back to the club via Warwick Park
6 miles

** For longer runs, turn right at top of Molyneux

1) Along Langton Road to Nevill Park
Down Nevill Park
Back to club via Major York’s = 7 miles


2 ) Along Langton Road
Rusthall loop
Back to club via Major York’s = 8 miles