London Marathon Ballot


Due to marshalling and the number of EA affiliated members in our club, we get guaranteed places for the London marathon each year.

We give these out on a ballot system, with a few rules to give preference to club members who help out with our events and who race for us in the Kent Grand Prix or cross country events.

These are the full criteria, in order of importance – so with 4 marathon places you would need 4 people meeting all 6 criteria before people meeting less are considered. I stress that you have to beĀ in it to win it! Its always worth putting your name in if you really want to run London, sometimes we only get a few entries into the teapot.

  1. full Club membership for a minimum of one year;
  2. service to the club in the preceding year (with criteria to be published by the Club General Committee at the AGM prior to the event)
  3. attendance of the AGM (or apologies given);
  4. not having received a club place for the London Marathon for the last two years;
  5. not having run in the London Marathon for the last two years;
  6. rejection from the race in question (rejection letter required);

Full details are on the ballot form page, embedded below or click the link button.

London Marathon 2018 Ballot Form