Lift Sharing

With the KGP season due to commence this weekend we have the first race in Canterbury on Sunday morning. Previously the club has promoted and coordinated lift sharing from the sports centre. In the last two years take up for this has diminished with members increasingly having their own groups and arrangements. Last season there were occasions where only 1-2 people turned up for the arranged lift sharing and on one occasion nobody. 
The club is keen to promote lift sharing for both helpful and sustainability reasons. However to do this we need to ensure there is someone with transportation willing to facilitate it and that there is sufficient demand. 
We will continue to look into this as well as the practicalities and the demand – any comments or suggestions would be welcomed off-group. 
In the interim please can I encourage members to use the club facebook page (or email if you are not on facebook) to advise if you are seeking or offering a lift to a KGP race. 
Many Thanks 
Matt Newman 
Men’s Road Race Captain