KGP – The Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

Half Marathon, Kent Grand Prix
Evening All,
Now the dust has settled on the outstanding organisation and delivery of our half marathon yesterday, the results are in. I am sure everyone will agree the event was a great success!
An astonishing 72 Harriers completed the race (a club record??) plus countless other Harriers volunteering. There were some excellent results and I am aware of several PBs being achieved – well done to all! The results have not yet been fully finalised with positions but times are listed below.
In usual fashion, the race took place on the 18th of the month so the 18th Harrier across the line has the honour of writing the race report – Tom Chandler, well done on your run and over to you to report!!
The Paddock Wood Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd March is the next event in the KGP calendar. Entries are still open but places are limited so please enter if you can. It would be great to have another strong and competitive turnout for this popular local event!
Dillon Hobbs648Senior Male01:12:1401:12:13
Mark Mellor927Senior Male01:16:1401:16:12
Alexander Jeffreys706Senior Male01:16:3501:16:32
David Weston1411Senior Male01:20:4701:20:45
Andy Eames418Male Vet 4001:23:2301:23:20
Mike Cardall218Male Vet 4001:23:4901:23:42
Gareth Hiron646Senior Male01:25:1101:25:00
Kelvin Desmoyers-Davis379Senior Male01:25:2301:25:19
Ian Mulheirn965Male Vet 4001:27:4701:27:36
Emily Nash982Senior Female01:28:2801:28:23
Liam White1422Senior Male01:28:2801:28:24
Greg Falconer446Senior Male01:28:5101:28:43
Alex Reid1581Senior Male01:29:4601:29:41
Edward Steele1244Male Vet 4001:29:4601:29:41
Paul Bassi77Senior Male01:29:5601:29:36
Amelie Karlsson748Senior Female01:29:5901:29:53
Mark Godsalve528Male Vet 5001:31:5601:31:48
Tom Chandler241Senior Male01:33:2401:33:06
Matthew Garner505Senior Male01:33:4001:33:29
Jack Summers1277Senior Male01:35:2701:35:09
Nick Hayns622Male Vet 4001:35:3701:35:33
Richard Bysouth204Male Vet 4501:35:4101:35:28
Amelie Jones725Senior Female01:35:4101:35:33
Steve Bolton132Male Vet 6001:36:1601:36:07
Ali Farrall449Female Vet 5001:37:4201:37:28
Richard Craig-Mcfeely328Male Vet 5501:38:2301:38:06
Tara Taylor1295Female Vet 5501:38:4001:38:24
Robin Barwick75Male Vet 5001:39:3701:39:21
Craig Chapman245Male Vet 5001:40:1901:40:06
Colin Ricketts1128Male Vet 5501:42:3501:42:14
Kannan Mahalingam3434Male Vet 4001:42:5501:42:37
Harry Doyle405Male Vet 5001:43:2301:42:43
George Harris606Male Vet 5001:43:3801:43:22
Toby Ayre49Senior Male01:43:4001:42:54
James O’Dwyer999Senior Male01:44:0101:43:53
Victoria Eames419Female Vet 4001:45:0401:44:36
Sharon Evans437Female Vet 4501:46:0301:45:36
Pete Holmes662Male Vet 4001:46:1101:45:37
Dan Foster475Male Vet 5001:47:1601:46:36
Paul Coomber298Male Vet 4001:47:3401:46:49
Susan Cooper302Female Vet 4001:47:4001:47:23
Sam Bridger162Senior Male01:48:3501:47:53
Giles Reynolds1122Male Vet 5501:49:5101:49:34
Stephen Wellstead1405Male Vet 6001:49:5901:49:21
Christopher Walmsley1380Male Vet 5001:50:4201:50:01
David Barker68Male Vet 5501:50:4201:50:01
Colin Timmins1322Male Vet 5501:50:5001:50:13
Benny Fiddimore461Junior Male01:51:0101:50:14
Luke Boorman136Senior Male01:51:2201:50:33
Joseph Mattei896Male Vet 4501:51:3701:50:28
Gem Stilliard1259Female Vet 4501:53:1401:52:21
Paul Gardner504Male Vet 5501:53:2901:52:44
Carl Jakobsson697Male Vet 4501:55:2201:54:31
Martin Yardley1494Male Vet 5501:55:5201:54:37
Jason Reeves1117Male Vet 5001:57:3201:56:28
Matt Newman990Male Vet 4001:58:5301:58:45
Alistair Reid1120Male Vet 4501:59:4101:58:18
Maria Gandara502Female Vet 5502:00:0001:58:59
Liz Hawker617Female Vet 5002:00:3001:59:10
Martin Sands1163Senior Male02:00:5801:59:37
Lynne Bristow164Female Vet 5502:02:1002:00:25
Mike Cox325Male Vet 6002:03:1102:01:58
Alexandra Kerwin761Senior Female02:05:0102:03:16
Becca Watts1399Senior Female02:09:2002:07:57
Lucille Joannes715Female Vet 6502:11:4002:09:44
Robert Winter1463Male Vet 4502:11:5202:09:57
Alice Bennett97Senior Female02:12:3502:10:29
Paul Kromm790Male Vet 6502:14:2402:12:29
Joan Woodward1478Female Vet 5002:21:2702:19:17
Joy Croucher342Female Vet 6002:29:1602:26:55
Martin Brice160Male Vet 7002:44:0902:42:21
Janet Bird114Female Vet 6002:51:3502:49:04
Matt Newman
Men’s Road Race Captain