Kent XC League – Somerhill


This Saturday was the second meet in the Kent Cross Country League and the venue was Somerhill Schools. Another warm one was predicted – what? last season was so wet?  This forecast was great. A total of 32 Harriers (9 women, 23 men) making us the club with the most runners on the day  (personally I think the Rocky Road and Aztec Biscuits certainly helps!

This was no ordinary cross country event, this was to be a momentous occasion of the tents first outing!   Well you could definitely see us, stunning yellow setting off the club flag….brilliant!  Looking smart and making an impression watched by a few intrigued members of the public as it was put up by Ed and Andy…no problem!  Welcome to first timers Gary O’ Reilly and Saul Harris and also It was lovely to see a welcome return to the cross country squad from Sonia Barden, Jeanette White and Nikki White and also Colin Ricketts. Welcome back!



The race course had been changed slightly to that of recent years and the general feeling was that this was a winner especially for the ladies as it meant that they only had to tackle the steep hill once! There was yet another large field of 126 in the Women’s 5k race which was won by Jessica Keene of Blackheath and Bromley in 18:41 followed closely by team-mate Elaine Rayner in 19:02.  First Harrier home for the ladies was Harriet Woolley in 22:14 (33rd) sprinting closely hot on her heals by Jillian Holford 22:20 (35th) and Sonia Barden in 24:16 (55th) making the team 3 to score.  Lesley Mercer 25:12 (72nd), Carol Tsang 25:32 (75th) and Stella Richardson (82nd / 2nd F55 /1st F60) scoring for team of 6.   Jillian Holford now lies in 24th place in the overall Senior Womens League.

The Veteran M70 race was again raced by 6, unfortunately Spud mistakenly took a wrong turn and ended up running during both the Senior Women’s and Senior Men’s races as he had to double back and complete the final lap, therefore finishing 6th/6 in 59:53.  However in the individual standings after the second meet Spud is placed 5th in the table out of 7.

The Men’s 10k Race was attended by a large field of 207 which quite quickly spread out around the whole course. One half lap and 2 full laps of energy zapping hills and drags.  The men’s race was won in 33:02 by Jake Wightman of Dartford, First Harrier home was Andy Howey 37:04 (25th & 2nd M50) followed by Ed Steele 37:32 (35th), Tim Lucus 39:17 (55th) and Matt Clements 40:34 (71st) making the team for four to score, in addition Harriers finishing making the team for 12 to score were Kieran Fitzpatrick 40:52 (76th), Terry Everest 41:38 (85th), Simon Howden  41:57 (91st),  Richard Carter 42:00 (92nd), Saul Harris 42:03 (94th), Alex Blackall 42:30 (99th), Matthew Clark 43:11 (110th) and Geoff Turner finishing in 44:37 (130th).  Andy Howey sits in 18th position in the Senior Mens league with Ed Steele chasing in 23rd place after 2 events.



Current Team standings in the league table:

Senior Women 3-to-score
1st   Paddock Wood AC
2nd  Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC
3rd  Tonbridge AC
9th  Tunbridge Wells Harriers

Senior Women 6-to-score
1st     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC
2nd    Tonbridge AC
3rd     Cambridge Harriers
12th   Tunbridge Wells Harriers

Men 4-to-score
1st  Medway & Maidstone AC
2nd  Tonbridge AC
3rd  Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC
8th  Tunbridge Wells Harriers

Men 12-to-score
1st  Medway & Maidstone AC
2nd Tonbridge AC
3rd  Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC
5th  Tunbridge Wells Harriers


Individual Results

Harriet Woolley (33rd),
Jillian Holford (35th),
Sonia Barden (55th),
Lesley Mercer (72nd),
Carol Tsang (75th),
Stella Richardson (82nd),
Jeanette White (94th),
Gemma Richardson (99th),
Nicky White (104th)

Andy Howey (25th),
Edward Steele (32nd),
Tim Lucas (55th),
Matthew Clements (71st),
Kieran Fitzpatrick (76th),
Terry Everest (85th),
Simon Howden (91st),
Richard Carter (92nd),
Saul Harris (94th),
Alex Blackall (99th),
Matthew Clark (110th),
Geoff Turner (130th),
George Harris (135th),
Simon Holford (139th),
Michael Russell (163rd),
Daniel Cook (165th),
Mel Taylor (168th),
Nick Pierce (171st),
Peter Richardson (175th),
Andy Page (178th),
Colin Ricketts (186th),
Gary O’Reilly (187th)

The next race in the calendar is Sat. 12 Nov. 2016 at 2:00pm at Sparrows Den for SM and Vet men Only

for the ladies it will be Sat. 26 Nov. 2016 at 2:00pm at Danson Park (SW, Vet women and M70 Only) – lot of support needed as this clashes with South of the Thames.

Thanks so much for all your support, its excellent to see so many deckchairs on the start line.

Lesley and Ed
XC Captains