June Handicap Race – 14th June

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Morning Harriers
For this month’s handicap race (Wed 14th June) we will be testing out a new timing system in parallel with our existing timing method.
If you have one (and most of you do) please can you bring your parkrun personal barcode with you to the start. That could be a paper print out, wristband, personalised token or a barcode on your Garmin/phone – whatever you normally use for parkrun. 
For those of you that are yet to discover the joys of parkrun, we will issue you with a temporary barcode for the evening.
The handicap race will work in exactly the same way as usual with a couple of minor additions:
  • when you turn up at the start, please present your parkrun barcode so that we can register it (or issue you with a temporary one)
  • at the finish you will be given a finish token as usual but it will also have a barcode on it
  • after everyone has finished, John will record your names on his finish sheet as usual and we will also scan your personal barcode and finish token (just like at parkrun).
If you have any questions please let me know (off group) otherwise I look forward to seeing you all for another bumper turnout on the 14th.
Simon Holford