Hospice in the Weald 10k


On Sunday I alongside about 19 other Harriers entered the Tunbridge Wells Hospice in the Weald 10k, it was very, very wet. 

I have run this race the last 3 years now and its a great local event, was a bit of a shame about the weather on the day as i think it kept the numbers a bit lower than normal but still was a good turn out of 457. Especially well done to the supporters and marshals who made it out to cheer people on as well. 

Normally the start is a good atmosphere with lots going on but this year there were lots of people huddling under trees looking for shelter before the start so looked quite sparse, i managed to find a few Harriers to talk to before the race started. When we were about to start everyone seemed to emerge wet from the undergrowth. It was very wet. 

Anyway once the race got going it was the same challenging course as normal. The winner and young Dillon Hobbs were in a class of their own for the race, I thought i had half a chance at a top 5 finish but lost touch with the next group about 5k in, however given the tough course and weather was pleased with the time.

Have managed to stitch together the results from who i saw, Strava and Ed’s photo’s, apologies if i have missed anyone. Doubt there were any PB’s and also the course appeared 100m odd short as the start seemed to have moved towards the loop so think they would not count Rye style.

Anyway great local race for a good cause. Will be back next year just hope for better weather. 


Tobyn Young

Position Name Time Note
1 James Price  00:35:31 1st Man
2 Dillon Hobbs  00:36:56  
9 Tobyn Young  00:40:31  
10 Kelvin Desmoyers-Davis  00:40:42  
12 Matt Usher 00:41:14 I think
14 Rich Carter 00:42:06  
19 John Baldock  00:43:21  
23 Paul Hollis  00:43:52  
25 Tracey Horne 00:44:22 1st Lady (TBC)
29 Kate Naylor  00:44:40  
41 Matthew Newman  00:46:13  
56 Paul Charton-Jones 00:47:29  
64 Gemma Stilliard  00:48:17  
87 Rose Sawyer  00:49:56  
95 Robert Tregaskovski  00:50:19  
130 Brenda Purse  00:52:17  
134 Sonya King  00:52:30  
140 Stella Richardson  00:52:43  
200 Amanda Smith  00:55:48  
223 Richard H Martin  00:57:20  
304 Claire O’Neill  01:02:46  
453 Graham Brooks  01:42:55