GTE 2023 – 22nd July

Club Events
To whom it may concern,
The inner committee of 21 have decided on a date for the most important social event of the year – Saturday 22nd July 2023. A little more back to our usual summer timing and with more daylight.
For the uninitiated, the GTE is an all-day ‘train-inn’ event to boost spirits and running performance. Our running distance of 10 miles or so is supplemented by locomotive travel and suitably refreshed by many hostelries along the way, along with a stop for dinner.
We will of course be dressed in suitable period attire, complete with hats (outfits, hats and beer shown below)
I am hoping that the train gods will be in our favour this year to allow a return to the original route from the Old West Station, albeit with some alterations and improvements to keep things interesting for the old hands.
If you are interested or wish for more information on this annual silliness then see me at the club, I will look similar to the below
Ed Steele – he wot keeps the GTE going