GTE 2023 – 22nd July

Club Events
Unfortunately my email was perfectly timed

I will endeavour to again provide a replacement route so the GTE can go ahead

On Thu, 22 Jun 2023 at 15:15, Edward Steele <> wrote:
As mentioned in my previous missives, this years GTE is on Saturday 22nd July, a mere month away!
It now falls on me to ask that all attendees let their attendance be known so I can book the dinner venue and have an idea of how much a mess it will be rounding you all up.
As a heads-up, although starting on the Old West Station train as usual, the new 2023 route will be not be returning to TBW via Tonbridge
Pop your name in this formy thing
Any questions, catch me at the club or wherever you can. Please send round to the usuals as I’ll need to let the venue know numbers in about 3 weeks.

Viscount Steele