Great South Run


A few deckchairs ventured slightly further down the south coast from Beachy Head today for the 25th Great South Run [10 Mile]. The morning started blustery and chilly such that Amy Ginman resorted to sporting a fetching black binliner in the start pen – so fetching in fact that it attracted comment from a gentleman wearing very similar attire!

Amy and I pushed forward at the start to the “fast club runners” flag – well if the cap fits – and crossed the start line only 2 minutes after the elite men. Amy and I ran together for the first few miles during which my legs and head were saying “why on earth are you running this a week after Amsterdam marathon” especially when we passed the TV cameras when I realised that I was clearly cramping Amy’s TV style.

Amy soon found a much more attractive running partner in Hugh Dennis and kept him motivated during the rest of the run with her chat. Those who watched the event on TV will have seen her heading towards the finish looking very good. I finished shortly after Ewan Thomas but all eyes were on him – even at his finish interview when I tried to photobomb the interview but to no avail…

Always good to see unexpected harriers along the way and expected harriers (Nicola Withers) as I was entering the final 400m “sprint” towards the finish. All 3 of the ladies managed great PBs – results in alphabetical order below..(apols for the dodgy format but I hope you get the gist..)

I managed 6th in my age category – thank goodness Jo Pavey pulled out otherwise I’d have been 7th!!!

Nicola Morris


NICOLA MORRIS3530108401:13:28
AMY GINMAN6916217001:18:38
NICOLA WITHERS14195554301:29:26
DAN SLOWLY5742708501:33:33
PETE WESTERN7260882501:38:21