Gravesend Cyclopark 10k & 5k Santa Dash last harrier home report


It was a cold winters day, the wind was blowing as 3 harriers ventured to the outlands of Gravesend… The race is organised by Nice Work on behalf of Martin Tolhurst Solicitors to raise funds for Sands, stillbirth and neonatal death charity.

We were very glad for our free Santa outfit to keep warm while waiting for the start…

Lap 1 – started well… (ie downhill!) feel perfectly happy… Beard hat jacket and trousers still on…
Lap 2 – omg… feel like I’m going to spontaneously combust I’m so hot… 100% polyester isn’t very breathable…. beard is now around my neck.. Simon’s hat is in his hands… Sonja and Simon sensibly started without trousers on…
Lap 3 – big regrets about not signing up for the 5k race… (not as many regrets as Simon who would have won the 5k if he was in that race…!) 2 more laps to go… feeling envious of the people peeling off to finish… a little sprint at 7.5km was needed to not let Simon lap me….
Lap 4 – thank god… 4 laps of a hot, not flat, windy and windy (as in air blowing and bendy!) is 2 laps too many… bit tired now.. again not as tired as Simon who did the hard XC yesterday….

Mince pies on the finish line… always a winner…

5- Sonja King 24:17 1st lady!!!!!!!

6- Simon Howden 41:55
39- Carol Tsang 55:25

Unfortunately no pb’s or club records broken today.. although Simon would like to claim the record for fastest post XC 10k in a Santa suit… (Bob?)

Was a good day in the King household… Thomas (5 1/2 years old) also got a new PB at Junior Parkrun.. 11:43 for 2k!!

Carol Tsang