Wednesday Run – This is not the greatest route in the World…it’s a ‘Tribute’


Evening all.

I have the bus….but don’t worry, I’m not unleashing my normal hills strategy…I have something different to suggest.

The email (and route) title may be a little lost on the non-Tenacious D loving amongst you, but it also has another meaning, in that tomorrow I hope (if you are all game) to evoke a gentle tribute to a fallen running hero – Sir Roger Bannister.

Casper has produced his usual legendary map (see attached) and I have thrown together some Strava Maps too. I will explain all in person (assuming parents evening runs to schedule), but the nutshell is; 2 mile warm up social pace, regroup with people of similar pace at the top of Forest Road….take a minute (or two) to compose, then full beans from the first sign (on right hand side of road heading towards Hawkenbury)…..keep running through to the middle of the car park of the Spread Eagle pub….maybe to the phone box if you want to be super sure of the distance.

This should equal exactly 1 mile….in reverence to Sir Roger.

Now, I’m not expecting any track style heroics….and you will need to be super careful of traffic at the junctions and also potentially slippery pavements.

That said, the Mile is overall downhill and a great opportunity to test the engine and clock a time you can then benchmark for the future. I have just created this Mile as a segment on Strava (see link at bottom), but it’s a fairly popular stretch of road so you may already see a lot of names (your own potentially included) on the leader board….just disregard the current Crown holder, who was either on a bike or a shed load of steroids.

Once you have run the mile please feel free to take some recovery time at the Spread Eagle car park, regroup and push on to enjoy 4 miles of recovery…..with very few hills (for me).

No drama if you don’t fancy doing it, or if you have an injury that won’t react well to intense effort. Full route is bang on 7 miles (less with racing line) and there are various ways of making this shorter, I can demo these on the big map in the clubhouse. So, whatever you are in the mood for really.

Just my way of ‘doffing the cap’ to a legend.

Full route:

Mile TT segment (Full beans for Bannister) :

See you all tomorrow.

*May not have time to produce any prints, so if you do need one might be worth bringing with you.


pdf icon TWHmap-21-03-18.pdf