Folkestone Race Report


On Sunday I went to the Folkestone half Marathon and kids race.

The start and finish is in front of the Grand hotel on the cliff tops and has to be one of the most scenic setting for a race HQ.

So to the main race, it was an 800m out and back, with the first half being uphill. Obviously as I lined up next to the start with Thomas (my son) I thought, I can easily win this! However on reflection I thought that was a little unsporting and decided to run alongside Thomas.

Strategy is a little different in these junior categories as everyone starts off sprinting, Thomas managed to hold himself back and maintained last place for the first 200m before someone fell over. Shortly after there were several more reduced to walking after their enthusiastic start. After the switch back Thomas slowly managed to reign in a few more who were busy having a tantrum, before an all out sprint to the finish.

For some reason they forgot to give the children timing chips so I’m guessing the finishing time was around 1:40 As you can imagine he was delighted with his medal and a 4 pack of Cup a Soup, I mean who doesn’t want dry tomato powder to help celebrate!

I also ran the half (reverse of the 10 mile route with a few miles of cliff thrown in at the start/finish), 1:26:57 (13th).

Mike King