Ed Steele – 7.5m/5.2m – Early loops, big hill at the end

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I thought we’d done enough hills so I’ve saved the worst one until the end. With a couple optional loops we should keep bumping into each other too.

Out carpark past tennis courts and LT onto Upper Cumberland Walk
RT on Rodmell and into Madeira Park
RT on Mount Sion and follow through park to Sunderland Road
LT and RT round back of Hoopers
After covered car park follow Mount Pleasant Ave up hill to Crescent Rd – go LT then RT onto Mount Pleasant and follow all the way up to roundabout

Optional Loop (+1 mile), to avoid turn LT at roundabout

RT onto Woodbury Park Rd past bus station
RT down Park Road and RT onto Upper Grosvenor
Over traffic lights up footpath to LT on Mount Ephraim

Optional Rusthall Loop (+1.3 miles)

Down Major Yorks Rd and RT, then LT into Linden Park Road
RT after the bridge into Linden Gardens
LT and up (a lot) Broadwater Rise
RT at the top onto Broadwater Down
LT onto St Marks Rd, LT on Frant Rd
RT onto Forest Rd and follow until Warwick Park

7.5 miles – full with a couple options to reduce down to 5.2