Dark Phoenix Marathon


Debs and I headed off to Walton-on-Thames for a Phoenix Running event – Dark Phoenix on Saturday 4th August. I’ve definitely run in hot conditions before but would have to say Saturday’s conditions surpassed all previous races; the oven temperature was set on ‘fry you to a crisp’!

The race started at 4pm, and comprised 8 laps along the Thames, which as you might gather with the start time meant part of the deal is running into the night (unless you are a whippet and super quick), which we are certainly not. Plus we justified that we wanted to experience the night-time element of the race, as that was part of the reason I entered this one.

While the actual scenery was the same every lap, the fact that you started at 4, by 7-8ish you experienced sunset, then the last lap was head torch time. It was a great race a very well positioned ice-cream van which a lot of runners appeared to utilise – it was a common site to see runners munching ice-lollies and ’99’s – it was our ‘we are over half-way treat’.

It being a Saturday night the local yacht club had a disco which backed onto the towpath…… head torches provide an amazing ‘techno’ element to the race, so that was fun and must have been a sight us doing YMCA to the techno lights of our head torches.

Pheonix running put on very low key events, but very well organised and enormous fun with lots of encouragement from other runners. Our time will certainly beat no records, but in terms of fun – there was ice-cream and YMCA – I say no more!

Amanda Bruneau & Deborah Stamp 06:06:41

Amanda Bruneau (nee Paver)