Crowborough 5k and 10k


A select group of Harriers made the short journey to the Beacon Academy in Crowborough for the 5k and 10k. The 10k was the last league race in the Sussex league and understandably most of the field was made up of Sussex teams trying to score vital points in the League competition. With that in mind and the fact that this was only the second time the 5k option had been run I opted to do the 5k thinking there might be a chance for me to win some silverware.

The weather was perfect, no rain and a cool 9 degrees. The race director informed us that the ford was open but to keep left due to potholes. Things were looking promising. I lined up at the start and tried to suss out the competition. I spotted a Hailsham Harriers lady and decided to try and stick with her – I failed miserably, but she did go on to win. For those who have not done Crowborough before it starts with a long fast downhill, followed by the crossing of a ford after about 2.5km and then a relentlessly steep hill for 1km. I set off too fast trying to get as much time in the bank knowing what was to come. I have done this race a number of times and the ford was considerably deeper than in previous years. A runner behind me slipped whilst crossing and fell into the water but was ok. My early fast pace took it’s toll on the uphill and I slowed right down to a snail’s pace. I managed to hang on for the flatter section and the final downhill to the finish (although the finish itself is uphill) and was thrilled to be told I was 2nd lady. I must say I was glad only to be doing 5k and was also able to cheer on my fellow Harriers who had opted for the 10k. Oh and I did get some silverware. 😁

For those who haven’t done Crowborough before, I would recommend it. Although a tough course with a steep hill you have to do twice (if doing the 10k) there are some very fast downhill sections. Also it’s local and quite small and very well organised.

Commiserations to Will Levett who had to pull out with an ongoing injury.

Full results below:

Pos Chip Time Athlete SurName Team  
1 00:18:03 Ross Brocklehurst Hailsham Harriers 1st Male
6 00:22:28 Aislinn Darvell Hailsham Harriers 1st Female
8 00:24:28 Sonja King Tunbridge Wells Harriers
2nd Female (1st F35)
50 finishers
Pos Chip Time Athlete SurName Team  
1 00:33:12 Ryan Driscoll Tonbridge Ac 1st Male
25 00:41:22 Alissa Ellis Hailsham Harriers 1st Female
96 00:48:23 Gem Stilliard Tunbridge Wells Harriers  
104 00:49:11 Simon Allford Tunbridge Wells Harriers  
115 00:49:36 Steve Wellstead Tunbridge Wells Harriers  
187 00:54:02 Rose Sawyer Wadhurst Runners (2nd claim)  
235 00:57:12 Gary Oreilly Tunbridge Wells Harriers  

375 finishers

Sonja King