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Cross Country

Afternoon Harriers

I’m just waiting to hear back on a few queries about Saturday’s XC race then I will send out the final details (directions, parking, race times, distances, course maps, pub, etc).
In the meantime there are a couple of miscellaneous things to mention:
(1) Club Vests
David Castle has this morning taken receipt of a delivery of club vests. In particular he now has Men’s Mediums which had sold out. He also has a number of Women’s Mediums which are equivalent to a size 10. If you still need a vest, a trip to the Running Hub in Southborough should sort this out for you. Vests cost £15.
(2) Volunteers for Kent XC League Events
Once again, many thanks to those of you who volunteered to marshal at one or more of the Kent XC League events. I have submitted the list below to KCAA for the time being but it would be good to have one or more non-runners (e.g. SuperVets, who will have finished their races, or others) for the last event in February at Norman Park (10th Feb 2024). There’s no huge rush but if you can help then please let me know.
If I receive any further instructions about volunteers for this weekend I will forward them, otherwise please turn up and report to Race HQ in plenty of time for the first race of the day at 12:00.
Kind regards
Simon Holford
TWH Men’s XC Captain
Volunteers & Availability:
KXCL1 – Footscray Meadows
Ed Steele — All day (run in SM race)
Hayden Thirkell — All day (run in SM race)
Mark Taylor — All day (run in M70+ race)
KXCL2 – Somerhill School
Alex Reid — All day (run in SM race)
Paul Kromm — All day (run in SM race)
Grace Mote — All day (run in SW race)
Sam Dranga — All day (not running)
Keith Mitchell — All day (not running)
KXCL3 – Danson Park
Paul Kromm — All day (run in SM race)
Sam Dranga — All day (not running)
Holly Taylor — All day (not running)
KXCL4 – Swanley Park
Andrew Deighton — All day (not running)
Amelie Karlsson — All day (run in SW race)
Paul Kromm — All day (not running)
KXCL5 – Norman Park
Mark Taylor — All day (not running)