Congratulation Ross! 6 x Marathon Majors

Congrats on all your weekend and recent results Harriers, great performances all round at the moment.
I am finally happy to say that I’m the first Tunbridge Wells Harrier to start and complete the world 6 stars, (without doing one as a tourΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ€ͺΒ sorry Craig and Colin, I had to get that in), the first with a name not beginning with C?? But on a serious note, the third harrier…
What a journey!

I discovered all about the World marathon majors during myΒ 2009 LondonΒ marathon training, but didn’t really Start it until 2012, after being inspired by the Olympics. So one of my first was meant to be TCS New York City Marathon 2012, which was ironically cancelled due to storm Sandy, so spent the time in NYC helping the clean up on Staten Island (especially Eastern European families) – real emotional and humbling.

2013 saw me run TCS London Marathon as Bagpuss raising money for sick people in Europe, so much fun!

Followed by 2013 BERLIN-MARATHON, an epic club tour and still one of my favourites.

2014 pb’d at London as myself!

2015 finally completed NYC marathon!

2017 managed a good for age, first sub 3hr marathon Manchester Marathon 2022, that finally got me at place at 2018 Boston Marathon.

2018 ran in the worst Boston race conditions on record, still drying off to this dayΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ…

Followed by London GFA, 6 days later and one of the hottest on record 🀭πŸ€ͺβ˜€οΈ

2018Β Bank of America Chicago Marathon. GFA place

2020 covid enters the world andΒ ζ±δΊ¬γƒžγƒ©γ‚½γƒ³θ²‘ε›£Β / Tokyo Marathon Foundation was cancelled and delayed for 3 years.





So, OM 6 star. Our journey is complete. And again, what a journey, 1 cancelled NYC(storm sandy) 3 cancelled Tokyo(covid), 3 continents, 4 countries, 6 new cities, 157.2 miles and 1 million emotions. The stars aligned in Tokyo and I claimed the North Star of running. If ever get the chance do it and the country, amazing!

I have to say this wouldn’t have been possible without all those who have supported and motivated me throughout, including the harriers and everyone who’s part of it – a special club(too many individuals to mention but you know who you are, so thank you), but especially my 3 girls and family! Those runner widows are special as we know.

So thank you and good luck on whatever journey you’re on. You’ve got this!