Club run results


Well according to the Strava flybys we had 25 people who attempted to claim some Crowns and Trophies for the club last night (probably more but they haven’t uploaded their watches yet).

So much to my surprise there was only 1 Crown, which goes to Craig Chapman for the Clockwork uphill segment, he managed to smash this 5 year old record by 4 seconds! However on the podium we also had Dillon in second on Royal Chase down, only 4 seconds off the lead!

It was very nice to see so many have at least a go at these segments and the results are clear to see with all the personal best badges on the activity feed. I am however a little disappointed that I was the only one childish enough to also run down Earl’s road J.

Strava also awards trophies down to 10th place so good efforts from the following to get onto the overall leaderboards:

·        Craig and myself in Equal 4th on Royal Chase down (alphabetically he is ahead of me!)

·        Suzannah 5th place on Sausage Factory hill

·        Craig 5th place on Mount Pleasant

·        Paul 9th place on Mount Pleasant

·        Polly 9th Place on Mount Pleasant

·        Saul 10th place on Pigs in Blankets

·        Rose 10th place on Sausage Factory hill

Special mention goes to Simon for being the only one doing the two extra segments up Warwick park and around the cricket pitch in the dark (think you went the wrong way for the segment though). Neil also seems to have got lost and did over 30km!

I must say it was good fun setting a route which I hope people enjoyed, Geoff is looking for people for the next few weeks so let him know if you want to have a go.

Lastly it would be good to see as many people as possible sign up for the TW Running challenge as well this year. This is not just Harriers and over 161 people are now members in the area, so should be good competition.