Club Ranking Lists – Marathon


Hello Harriers

As part of my Annual “Clear up” of results, I try to produce Ranking Lists over various distances, within Gender and/or Age Category.

With the emphasis, at this time, being on Marathons I have compiled the Lists up to 31st December 2022, on the information I have been given and will bring the file to the Club this evening for your perusal. Should you be aware of any events that you believe should be included, please advise me and I shall be pleased to make any warranted adjustments or inclusions. These lists reflect the results since the Club’s formation.

The main criteria for inclusion are as follows:-

You must be taking part in the race under your own name (NO EXCEPTIONS) and representing Tunbridge Wells Harriers ( or Your County, or Country).

You must be wearing our Club Vest. (Charity Vests may be worn in certain events if you are raising funds/awareness for the said charity) If you are running in a Championship, Charity vests may not normally be worn

The event must comply with the rules of the federation of the country under which the event is held.

The event CANNOT be of Multi terrain or Cross Country.

The event must be a licensed event and hold a certificate of course accuracy. (There are strict rules regarding course measurement and courses measured by GPS or surveyors wheel are not acceptable).

All certificates should be on display at Race HQ on the day of the race and prior to the event on all official documentation.

Really all the above means is Send Me All Your Results.


Bob Lawrence