Club Cross Country Championships – This Saturday


So I was able to perform a little XC recce yesterday and can confirm the course is currently in fantastic condition (see attached images).

For anyone who hasn’t tried the run before I strongly recommend it….even if XC isn’t your usual thing. I personally have an ‘interesting’ relationship with XC (mostly love it….just doesn’t always love me), but this race (like Eridge) really deserves it’s own category. That category being called ‘Awesome’.

The race ticks the following boxes:

  • Proper XC….it literally doesn’t get any more ‘proper’….not too dissimilar to Adam’s Ninja Warrior course in places.
  • Harriers only – ‘know thy enemy’
  • Local and plenty of free parking nearby.
  • Relaxed – just rock up ready for 10am, stick your deckchair on, and run.
  • Awesome scenery (see attached images).
  • Trophies available for multiple categories.
  • Oh…and superb toilet facilities…literally only ever 2 seconds away from an ‘opportunity’…just whistle or sing, nobody will look.

I got extremely lucky last year and benefited from Andy’s 2 lap strategy (would have been nice for him to tell me that though before the run….almost killed me staying even close to him for those first 2 laps!), so anything is possible, and the silverware extends out to different age categories, so everything to play for. Even forgetting the silverware options this race is just a great laugh….ruddy hard obviously, but done at your own pace that’s relative and even if you just fancy a Saturday jaunt through the woods it’s worth it.

Traditionally this event doesn’t attract huge numbers, and I really don’t know why….if childcare allows and your not injured, this really should be a race you do – it’s special.

Just make sure you have time afterwards to de-mud….there will be some of that…. “some”.


James Sarre