Canterbury 10 miles (Kent Grand Prix Race) 22.01.2023

Kent Grand Prix
The first Kent Grand Prix (KGP) road race of 2023 on SUNDAY, which is also when they give out the 2022 awards and trophies, which some of you have won! 
Thank you to those that have entered. I did manage to pull some names off their site (see below). If your name is missing, let me know!
It’s an early race start (9 am), so car sharing will be available from the usual place (St. Johns Swimming Pool) with a prompt departure of 7:00 am.
We need to collect our numbers and Chips by 8:30am so hopefully, this earlier departure should help with parking etc. Note you may need to pay to park….
I don’t have a car this weekend, so will be looking for a lift, please 😀
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Craig Chapman – Road Race Captain
A few more names to add to the runner’s list:
Jack Summers
Paul Bassi
Philip Watkins
Rob & Alex Hill