Brisbane Half Marathon


At the end of July my family and I moved to Australia and I, somehow stupidly, thought it would be a good idea to run a half marathon 1 week after our arrival. So, on Sunday I ran the Brisbane half marathon. Minimal training plus lots of eating and drinking in the run up to my departing the UK meant my only expectations were to finish the run and try to enjoy it.

The race was part of a ‘Marathon festival’ which meant half marathon and full marathon runners started at the same time…….6am! (Presumably to allow the marathon runners to finish before it got too hot as winter temperatures still reach 26/27 degrees.) so a bit of a shock to the system getting up at 4.30 but, I must admit, it was very nice running while the sun rose over the Brisbane river.

The course was fairly flat and all based around the Brisbane River, which made it a very scenic and pleasing route to run. I ignored the watch and just took in the views and it was only at about 11 miles that I started to feel it and slowed down, accordingly, crossing the finishing line in 1:47.59. This placed me 360th out of 2035 runners but, not surprisingly due to the location, first Harrier home 😉

If anyone finds themselves in Brisbane at this time of year then I thoroughly recommend the run.

Apologies for not saying goodbye before leaving but my last run was due to be the July handicap, which got postponed because of a ‘minor’ football match!